Hello everyone, my name is Jose Luis Rodriguez. I am a Spanish language and literature professor in a Westchester County High School. I consider myself a very active, positive and adventurous person who loves to explore and share my experiences with others. For the last 16 years, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by energetic youth, whom I have always connected with and have tried to inspire with my travel stories. Back in 2002, I was inspired to create an initiative where I could travel with youth and educate them on the rich cultures that exist around the globe; programs where travelers would be immersed in the culture and have a non-tourist experience. Over the years, many travelers have had the opportunity to participate in adventures around the world and have had unique experience on every trip. In collaboration with La Terra Travel, we have created programs to Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Israel, Egypt, and China, and not to mention, create programs for foreigners to come and visit our very own New York City.



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Jake Sparow

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